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Our Services

HealTech specializes in high precision machining of titanium, special stainless steel alloys and other metallic and polymer alloys applicable to high performance health and mechanics (naval, aerospace, robotics, among others).

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Our Skills

Case “HealTech’s drum”: Demonstration of small components manufacturing skill, in a project developed for a partner of the healthcare industry. Year: 2013. Source: HealTech Archives.

We focus on providing strategic outsourcing solutions for the high precision healthcare and mechanical industry, from the initial steps of manufacturing to the manufacture of more complex components, through services that combine quality, flexibility and agility. Our highly qualified technical staff, associated with high performance equipment and a strict quality control system, guarantee the manufacturing of components that meet the most rigorous specifications of our customers.

New Products Development

We accept challenges in the development of new highly complex projects, nationalization of technologies, with exclusivity and confidentiality;

Reverse Product Engineering

Development of products from prototypes. Simply give us the prototype, and we replicate it within the desired specifications, in any given material.

Component Manufacturing from Blueprint

Do you have your own project, and want to develop the prototype for testing and validation? Give us the material, the technical drawing and the specifications, that we make it get off the paper!

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